Dorothy Winch


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Dorothy came to the firm known as Sandoms in 1986 as a secretary to Nick Robinson. She had always worked as a secretary before having her family and had been off work for about 4 years. She had never been a legal secretary so this was a new venture for her.

Nick’s father, “LJ” as everyone always called him, was the senior partner and Nick dealt with all sorts of litigation, including matrimonial, along with his many outside sporting interests. It was a friendly firm with several solicitors and secretaries. The work was very interesting, extremely varied and always hectic!

In 1999 Nick decided to introduce computers and take away the typewriters – panic – the secretaries went on a 3-day course. When they came back the typewriters had gone – sheer panic and tears – but after about a week everyone seemed to agree they did not know how they managed without computers!

Dorothy remained at Peckham when the firm became Sandom Robinson and moved with everyone else to Sanderstead in 2003 – new offices but less people. Life is still interesting, varied and hectic and Dorothy now works part-time as she gets on in years!