Business Transactions

This heading covers many aspects and is similar to the items referred to above as “commercial” under Leases and Tenancies.  Here we mean more the selling and buying of businesses. The business you buy or sell may be bought or sold "as a going concern" and we can advise you on employment rights, licensing and other aspects of the transaction.  This can be retail businesses, professional services or industrial companies.  It can refer to the sale of the assets of the business or the sale of the shares held by individuals in the limited company.  It can also refer to partnerships.  This part of the Law is intended to deal with the business side of matters specifically but obviously does include the premises from which the businesses are conducted and we will deal with all the aspects of the transaction although we will usually advise you to take independent expert advice from Accountants regarding the taxation aspect.

Nick Robinson has extensive experience of business sales and is the person who can assist you here.