Cyber Security

You will no doubt have read in the media about cyber security and how solicitor firms have been targeted by criminals. We are vigilant and ask you to be vigilant and keep information as secure as possible.

Any communications supposedly from us changing account details must be ignored and you should only accept details of our client account over the telephone.

When sending monies electronically we do ask you to telephone the person dealing with your matter or our Practice Manager to confirm bank details. As part of our money laundering policies we will only accept cash up to £100 and we do not accept payments for any third parties but only from you. If you are therefore borrowing from a friend then we will need to have full details as to the source of those monies and they will have to come through your account to us.

We do take this very seriously and if you are at any time uncertain of an email or a telephone call purporting to come from this firm, please contact us before taking any action requested in that email or telephone call.