Debt Collection

Debt Collection:
As a business you may have individuals or other businesses who owe you money or, as an individual, you are owed money and despite your best efforts you have not been able to recover the amount which you say is due to you.

We can help by first of all advising you, writing a letter before action and, if all else fails, we can use Court as a last resort and help you to issue a claim either using the on line facility or by preparing a paper version of the claim which you can issue or we can issue for you. The choice really is yours.

Where the debt is a commercial debt there is a European Directive which can help you and this gives you the ability to charge a higher interest rate and to claim compensation to set limits.

Nick Robinson will assist on this.

Residential Possession Actions:
As landlords you often get tenants who do not leave at the end of their tenancy. Of course you cannot remove a tenant lawfully without a Court Order and where there is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy where there is no money claim there is a Fast Track procedure which can be used to obtain possession. The landlord can of course then issue a separate money claim.

We can help you through the requirements of the Fast Track procedure and all we will need is a copy of the tenancy, a copy of the Notice requiring possession which should have been served to end the tenancy and proof of service of that Notice.

If you need help on this then please contact Nick Robinson.