Partnership and Company

This is similar to business transactions but in this case is intended to refer to the creation of partnerships and the formation of limited companies.

It is a peculiar facet of English Law that company is a separate entity in law and entities exist in many forms such as limited companies, unlimited companies and limited liability partnerships as well as simple partnerships.

We can help you form a new company either by buying a company “off the shelf” or by going through the process of actually forming a new company and registering it at Companies House in Cardiff.

We can draw a new partnership deed for you whether you are involved in retail, professional services or any business at all.  If you are in business with someone then usually you need the protection of a written document to set out how you want to run the business – and particularly what will happen if something untoward happens and you or your partner cannot work or even died.  There are lots of things to be covered by such agreements and shareholders may want to have a shareholder agreement to cover how they want to deal with the business.

In all these cases we can help you and Nick Robinson is the particular partner in this area of work.